1. Craft a title for your webinar that is clear, concise and compelling.

2. Put your registration button* or form above the fold on all devices. 
*A button to a popup will essentially double your above-fold space. 

3. Don’t just settle for mobile responsive, optimize every step for the mobile experience.

4. DO include the just-in-time option in your webinar time choices. 

5. Make your presentation long enough but not too long. How long? That depends upon your content and your audience.

6. Deliver value, real, actionable value right in the webinar BEFORE they buy. 

7. Create a strong script for your webinar that, like a great long form sales letter, moves your viewer through an emotional experience.

8. Seed your offer in the first 5 minutes. No matter your niche or topic, failure to let your participants know an offer is coming will kill your conversions.

9. Send reminders and engage registrants across multiple channels whenever possible including email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc.

10. Close with gratitude AND a strong call to action with a clear directive, “Click the button and join/buy/order now.” 

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