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ConvertMORE is the go-to marketing automation and conversion expert for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to break free of the grind, grow their business, and make a bigger difference.

Since 2008, founder MaryKay and her team have been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow thriving, transformational businesses on a solid foundation for success.

The reality is, it’s not push-button easy to grow a business… unless you are teamed with a company that has the experience to get it done and is committed to your success.

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The formula for success lies in effectively implementing the 4 key Conversion Wheels that drive your business.


Here’s how we do it…

Step 1: Craft your high-converting offer

While there are 4 Conversion Wheels, and Converting Leads to Customers is #3 in a fully implemented Customer Conversion Journey, you must first prove your product or service can sell before investing in lead generation, growing your social media audience, designing your logo, or setting up automated funnels.

Start here if you are launching a new brand, launching a new product or offer, or expanding into a new niche. This is also your starting point if you have an offer launched but it is underperforming.

If you need to dial in consistent sales, we recommend the following: 

Step 2: Design and build an Automated Sales Funnel

Once you’ve proven you can sell your idea, Ryan Deiss, founder of Digital Marketer and Scalable, sets the litmus of proof at 10 customers, your next step is an Automated Sales Funnel.

An Automated Sales Funnel puts both lead generation and sales on autopilot. Donald Miller, the founder of StoryBrand, frequently reminds business owners that an Automated Sales Funnel is your business’s most powerful defense against inevitable market headwinds and other challenges out of your control.

If you’re ready for automated leads and sales, we recommend the following: 

  • 90 Days to MORE Sales, Growth Sprint – choose from 3 options depending on your desired level of support
    1. On-demand – (coming Q1 2024) receive our step-by-step process as an on-demand course you and your team can work through and implement at your own pace 
    2. Strategic Support & Implementation – MaryKay and the ConvertMORE team partner with you to design, implement, and launch your Automated Sales Funnel. Also includes 30 days of support post-launch, training for your team, and a starter set of social media ads to get traffic flowing right away.

Step 3: Increase profits (and personal income) by converting buyers to repeat buyers

Repeat sales – subscriptions, ascension, up-sells, and cross-sells – are the path to profits. Yet most business owners overlook their current customer base when looking for new revenue opportunities. Huge mistake!

Once you have an Automated Sales Funnel producing predictable revenue month-over-month, it’s time to focus on generating repeat sales and optimizing profit.

By far, the most powerful way we support businesses in up-leveling their customer satisfaction so they can sell more to an existing customer base and optimize profits is by designing and building a custom membership site and/or course delivery portal.

If  you are ready to optimize profits, we recommend the following: 

  • Bespoke, Memberium-driven, content delivery portal – for businesses that are ready for this step, there is no better way to deliver a WOW experience to your customers and clients AND create friction-free pathways for repeat revenue.
  • Comprehensive Customer Journey & Revenue Model – sometimes, a fresh set of eyes is exactly what’s needed to identify where you are leaving money on the table. This 2-session process delivers the schema for making more money from your current offers and charts a clear path for product development.

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