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Repeat sales – subscriptions, ascension, up-sells, and cross-sells – are the path to profits. Yet most business owners overlook their current customer base when looking for new revenue opportunities. Huge mistake!

Once you have an Automated Sales Funnel producing predictable revenue month-over-month, it’s time to focus on generating repeat sales and optimizing profit.

By far, the most powerful way we support businesses in up-leveling their customer satisfaction so they can sell more to an existing customer base and optimize profits is by designing and building a custom membership site and/or course delivery portal.

For More Profits in your business, we recommend:

 Find the money hiding in your business.

In this unique, 2-session process, we will take a deep dive into your current business and chart how your ideal customer becomes aware of your brand, takes their first steps to engage, and ultimately makes their first purchase.

Next, we’ll identify the gaps in the journey and the opportunities for new offers, new ways of packaging and/or pricing current offers, new avatars, and new markets. This process reveals opportunities, previously hidden, to convert existing customers into repeat customers so you grow your Lifetime Customer Value and, with that, your profits.

In Session 1, we will collect the essential information on your business:

  • An overview of what your business does, who it serves, etc.
  • Your lead generation strategies and current results
  • Your current offer(s)
  • Your current revenue and the contribution of each offer to that revenue
  • How your product or service is delivered
  • Your current cost of goods or services – including your time

MaryKay will then create and present for review three individual  documents (flowcharts):

  1. Your Customer Journey
  2. Your Strategic Revenue Map
  3. Your Content Strategy 

In Session 2, we will review the flowcharts, make adjustments, and identify the opportunities most deserving of immediate action so you exit these sessions with a plan of action ready to execute.


  • 2 sessions, a total of 120 – 150 minutes of consultation time, recorded
  • Perpetual access to recordings
  • The final Customer Journey & Revenue Map

Investment: $1997

Membership sites have exploded in popularity in the past few years, and with good reason – a well-designed membership site is a profit maximizer. It can help you grow your money tree by converting buyers into repeat buyers to realize MORE profits.

And, for businesses using Keap or ActiveCampaign, there is no better system than Memberium for getting the fully customized, customer experience-enhancing, raving fan-making site that your business deserves.

ConvertMORE was one of the first teams, outside of the original developers, to build content delivery sites using the Memberium plugin for WordPress. Every build is bespoke based on the unique needs of your business and its customers. We will work with you to design a site that creates member engagement and enhances customer follow-through, and exceeds your expectations for function and reliability.

Options for your Memberium site build include:

  • Membership Site – controlled access based on active membership with automated subscription failure and cancelation built into every setup
  • Course Delivery Portals – we pair Memberium with LearnDash for an exceptional customized experience that encouraged engagement and completion of your online courses
  • Membership Site + Course Delivery Combo – our most popular build for businesses that offer both subscriptions and modularized courses
  • Client Management & Support Portal – ideal for businesses that are either wholly or partially driven by one-on-one client engagement, such as coaches, agencies, and professional practices
  • Affiliate Management Portal – give your Keap affiliate program a boost with a user-friendly, custom, WordPress-based affiliate portal that helps your affiliates help you convert more leads and more sales

It will cost you nothing to explore if we are the right team for your membership site or course delivery portal build. Schedule your no-obligation Discovery Session now.

3-Hour Block of Strategic Consultation

Completely bespoke opportunity to get MaryKay’s input on any aspect of your business that you choose. The total time may be divided into sessions of between 30 and 90 minutes and may be used anytime over a 3-month period.  

All sessions are recorded and available perpetually from our client portal.

Investment: $997

Not sure what your right next step is?

Schedule your no-obligation Discovery Session now.

MaryKay and her ConvertMore team of experts have blown way past my expectations time and time again.

They have a deep understanding of StoryBrand-directed marketing, web development, e-commerce, online advertising, growth strategies, and personal development, and quite amazingly, they’re also warm, human, efficient, and brilliant.

They are true collaborators who listen carefully – so they really understand me, my business, and most importantly, my clients – and who keep an eye on my bottom line as though it were their own. 

Sam Bennett

Bestselling Author,

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