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Membership sites have exploded in popularity in the past few years, and with good reason – a well-designed membership site is a profit maximizer. It can help you grow your money tree by converting buyers into repeat buyers to realize MORE profits.

And, for businesses using Keap or ActiveCampaign, there is no better system than Memberium for getting the fully customized, customer experience-enhancing, raving fan-making site that your business deserves.

ConvertMORE was one of the first teams, outside of the original developers, to build content delivery sites using the Memberium plugin for WordPress. Every build is bespoke based on the unique needs of your business and its customers. We will work with you to design a site that creates member engagement and enhances customer follow-through, and exceeds your expectations for function and reliability.

Options for your Memberium site build include:

  • Membership Site – controlled access based on active membership with automated subscription failure and cancelation built into every setup
  • Course Delivery Portals – we pair Memberium with LearnDash for an exceptional customized experience that encouraged engagement and completion of your online courses
  • Membership Site + Course Delivery Combo – our most popular build for businesses that offer both subscriptions and modularized courses
  • Client Management & Support Portal – ideal for businesses that are either wholly or partially driven by one-on-one client engagement, such as coaches, agencies, and professional practices
  • Affiliate Management Portal – give your Keap affiliate program a boost with a user-friendly, custom, WordPress-based affiliate portal that helps your affiliates help you convert more leads and more sales

It will cost you nothing to explore if we are the right team for your membership site or course delivery portal build. Schedule your no-obligation Discovery Session now.

In November, I was notified that the platform we had been using to deliver our courses was going away, and we had until December 31st to get all of our courses and membership program content moved to a new platform.

Fortunately, we were working with ConvertMORE for our Keap/Infusionsoft development, and MaryKay offered to take on the challenge: build out a custom membership site and course delivery portal using Memberium in just 30 days.

I am so glad I trusted her expertise and ability to get it done because the ConvertMORE team really delivered. We launched a brand new beautiful, fully customized, and branded customer portal on New Year’s Day – that was functionally solid from day one.

MaryKay and her team took the time to think through the UI so that my customers can easily find and access their program content, register for events, manage their accounts, including failed renewal payments which were always a big headache with our old system, and even make purchases with one-click.

We now have a best-in-class membership and course delivery platform that works for our customers and for our business. 

Rebecca Gordon


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