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Everything you do in your business is connected to sales. Everything. Because without sales, there is no business.

While gathering an audience on your social media channels is good, even essential in today’s marketplace, capturing contact information and securing permission to market to your target audience directly via email is what delivers sales today, tomorrow, next year, and in 10 years.

Closing more sales, whether your sales occur via direct-response channels or are supported by a salespeson, requires 2 things: 

  1. A clear and compelling brand message that gets your prospects listening
  2. The right offer that gets them buying


For More Sales, we recommend:

Growth Sprint: 90 Days to MORE Sales

Our signature 90-Day Growth Sprint gives you everything you need to design, build and launch a converting sales funnel in just 90 days. It is your fastest, surest path for converting your great idea into money. 

You’ll work directly with MaryKay and the ConvertMORE team of experts to craft and document your customer journey, implement and launch your Sales Funnel, set you up with a starter package for advertising on the social platform of your choice, and receive a full 30-days of support post-launch.

Schedule your Discovery Session now, and let’s see if you’re a fit for this bespoke signature program.

The Ensurer: A StoryBrand Sales Funnel

Growing a small business is unpredictable. There are forces affecting the market that are beyond your control. Economic downturns and recessions. Interest rates and banking crises. Labor shortages and pandemics. Stuff happens!

How do you ensure your business can weather the inevitable ups and downs?

Answer: a high-converting sales funnel built on the proven StoryBrand SB7 framework. 

When market forces are favorable, your StoryBrand marketing funnel runs as a predictable cash machine for your business, adding qualified leads to your list and converting those leads to customers. When market forces become less favorable, your strong customer base and list provide the means to quickly pivot your business relative to the shifts in the market.

When others are struggling to figure out how they’ll survive (and many won’t), you are exercising your options for weathering the storm and emerging stronger than ever.

A StoryBrand Sales Funnel includes:

  • A StoryBrand SB7 Framework for the primary offer your funnel will sell
  • A StoryBrand, Brand Script for the primary offer
  • A compelling lead-gen that starts the funnel experience 
  • A flowchart of the entire funnel with all decision points and A/B options mapped
  • StoryBrand wireframes for:
    1. A lead-gen landing page
    2. A sales page for the primary offer
    3. An upsell page
    4. A downsell page
  • A StoryBrand 5-email follow-up series to the primary offer
  • A StoryBrand 3-email follow-up series to a downsell offer

The Accelerator: A StoryBrand Homepage Wireframe

The homepage of your site is a make-or-break for your prospect’s willingness to consider your brand, and if your homepage message is confusing, you’re losing. A StoryBrand homepage wireframe ensures that your homepage effectively converts leads and sales and accelerates the growth of your brand. 

This package homepage wireframe includes a Brand Script and a high-converting lead-gen (email capture). Grow faster when you have The Accelarator!

The Accelerator Package Includes:

  • A 75 to 90-minute Zoom Session to identify and document the 7 components of your StoryBrand Brand Script and other relevant information about your business
  • MaryKay will then write your Brand Script and design the wireframe from the components identified
  • A 60-minute follow-up to review and make adjustments to the draft Brand Script and wireframe and identify a converting lead generator (email capture) for your business
  • Final edits to the wireframe, including recommendations for images and other design elements to enhance the page presentation
  • A 30-minute follow-up discussion of the final Brand Script, Lead Gen, and Wireframe
  • Access to the recordings from both sessions, the documentation of the Brand Script components, and a copy of your Brand Script and your Wireframe are provided through and hosted on our Client Portal.

Your investment: $2997

3-Hour Block of Strategic Consultation

Completely bespoke opportunity to get MaryKay’s input on any aspect of your business that you choose. The total time may be divided into sessions of between 30 and 90 minutes and may be used anytime over a 3-month period.  

All sessions are recorded and available perpetually from our client portal.

Investment: $997

Not sure what your right next step is?

Schedule your no-obligation Discovery Session now.

MaryKay and her ConvertMore team of experts have blown way past my expectations time and time again.

They have a deep understanding of StoryBrand-directed marketing, web development, e-commerce, online advertising, growth strategies, and personal development, and quite amazingly, they’re also warm, human, efficient, and brilliant.

They are true collaborators who listen carefully – so they really understand me, my business, and most importantly, my clients – and who keep an eye on my bottom line as though it were their own. 

Sam Bennett

Bestselling Author,

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