2Strategy & Automation Implementation

Get proven strategic input, plus comprehensive systems and automation implementation with project management priced to fit your needs and budget.

If you LOVE technology and can ROI your time designing and developing marketing funnels, implementing campaigns, and testing email broadcasts, then, by all means, keep doing it, But if you don’t and you can’t, qualified help is at hand!

If you’ve tried to get support for this piece of your business, but the person supporting you knew even less than you do, or they were flaky and went poof right in the middle of a big launch, or … gosh, we have heard some stories! Seriously, nothing you can tell us about your past experiences would shock us. But, we’d sure like the opportunity to shock you with automation support that actually gets it done and supports you in achieving your business goals.

*Strategic Automation & Implementation clients also receive a 10% discount on our Paid Advertising packages!

Choose from one of our standard levels or go custom:

  • Level 1:   Up to 8 hours  + 1, 30-minute progress and strategy check-in $1297
  • Level 2:   Up to 12 hours  + 1, 50-minute progress and strategy check-ins $1897
  • Level 3:   Up to 16 hours  + 1, 50-minute progress and strategy check-ins $2397
  • Custom pricing for needs greater than 16 hours of development time per month.

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