Why We Chose to Become a Certified StoryBrand Guide

By: MaryKay, Founder

Update… we have opted to drop StoryBrand Guide certification as we pivoted our business model to more coaching and training. We are grateful for the time we spent learning from Don and his incredible team. We still hold that the StoryBrand framework is the gold standard for helping small business owners craft a clear and compelling marketing message, and we refer StoryBrand Guides to support our clients and customers whenever possible.

You could say, I was smitten.

​It was sometime in 2016 that I first became aware of Donald Miller’s StoryBrand, and to say it got my attention, is an understatement. I was captivated, truly smitten, by it.

This. Was. Different.

It just made so much sense!

Who WAS this guy, “Donald Miller?!”

Soon, I would discover just what captured my attention so quickly, pulled me in so effortlessly, and got me buying right away!

As you might imagine, I’m either doing marketing, talking about marketing, or paying attention to others doing marketing all day. So when something stands out in my marketing ocean, I pay attention.

I bought the online program and then began referring my clients to it. This led to an inquiry about being an affiliate and an invite into the first StoryBrand Certified Guide program in 2017.

In just a few weeks, I went from being an unaware member of StoryBrand’s Target Audience to Looking and converting on first-step calls to action, to Buying, to Buying Again (big ticket this time), and finally, to referring others.

The 7-Part Framework

If you are unfamiliar with StoryBrand, it’s a 7-part framework for creating clear, compelling marketing that captures your ideal prospect’s attention and gets them to take action. Quickly. Efficiently. Without endless nurture and forever follow-up. (Yes, funnels and follow-up are still important, but StoryBrand helps deliver higher quality, more purchase-ready leads into your funnels, enabling you to move to a sale – even a high-end sale – more quickly and effectively.)

Make Your Customer the Hero

The entire framework is built on a very simple yet elusive concept: your customer is the hero of your business’s story.

The challenge for most business owners is that we are human and, as such, oriented to our own stories, needs, wants, and desires. It’s not selfish. It’s a survival mechanism that we must be more conscious of. We are also (nearly) to a person, enamored with what we do and HOW we do it. You can see this everywhere with marketing messages that are vague or clever rather than clear, an emphasis on product features, too much copy spent on why ABC Services is so great, and so on.

We Recommend StoryBrand Because It Helps Your Brand ConvertMore

StoryBrand clears the path for stronger conversions across each of the key markers:

  1. Target Audience to Looker
  2. Looker to Lead
  3. Lead to Customer
  4. Customer to Repeat Customer

The framework works for any business, at any stage of development, of any size, and with any amount of sales/revenue. StoryBrand is truly a marketing foundation no business can afford to be without.

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