Are You Doing the Right Thing At the Wrong Time?

By: MaryKay, Founder

Meet Alice.

Recently, I had an engaging conversation with Alice (not her real name), who was referred to ConvertMORE by a long-time client.  Alice wanted help in getting a sales funnel working for her new course. She had launched it to her small list and promoted it on her social channels, but she had just one sale for all her hard work. She hoped this course would put her revenue on autopilot and be her path to the lifestyle business she longed for.

Her result clearly demonstrated something didn’t work, but she didn’t know what.

Alice may be a lot like you.

Alice is a bright and motivated entrepreneur seeking to grow a business doing the work she loves. While she is just getting started, she is passionate about her work and wants to make a difference. She has been leaning into the advice of high-profile coaches and taking bold action. Her favorite coach says that creating courses is the path to success, and Alice has followed this coach’s advice to the letter, or she’s pretty sure she has.

Compounding the situation, she was at a financial make-it-or-break-it point. Her husband, at first supportive, was now questioning her decision to quit her job and follow her dream.

Had she made a huge mistake?

Yes and no. Alice didn’t do the wrong thing; she simply did the right thing at the wrong time.

Timing is everything.

A course can be the right step in your business—but only if your business is ready. Implementing a course too soon, before your business has achieved key developmental milestones, will result in significant stress or outright failure.

The mistake Alice made was doing what would have been the right thing for a Stage 2 business when her business was still very much in Stage 1 (See “How Does Your Business Grow“). Rather than investing time, money, and energy in creating a course, Alice needed to focus on filling and keeping filled her one-on-one coaching program.

At ConvertMORE, our mission is to provide expert training and support so you can realize your visions and become the successful founder of a thriving business. 

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