“9 Power Tips for Evergreen Webinars That Convert”

In order to effectively sell on your evergreen webinars, you must optimize 4 critical points of conversion:

  1. Converting lookers into registrants
  2. Getting your registrants logging on to view
  3. Keeping those who logged on watching all the way through the presentation of your offer
  4. Converting your viewer into a buyer for your offer

Here’s our 9 best Power Tips for helping you ConvertMore with your evergreen webinars:

Power Tip 1: Give your webinar a clear and compelling title; one that succinctly identifies both who should register and why. The conversion from looker to lead (a registered attendee) rests largely on the title so remember: clarity trumps clever, or as my friend Don Miller of StoryBrand™ likes to say, “If you confuse, you’ll lose.”

Power Tip 2: Give your registrants 3 – 5 choices for view time and include at least one weekend option. Three options is a powerful number when it comes to conversions. To your looker, it provides “just enough” choice, without feeling overwhelming.

Bonus Power Tip: Give your registrants a “just in time” option starting within just a few minutes or immediately. ConvertMORE Webinars gives you the option of setting up a “just in time” viewing at any interval you choose! Our preferred option is on the quarter hour.

Power Tip 3: Use a 2-Step popup style opt in form to optimize available above-fold space especially for mobile viewers. And, position your call-to-action button in at least 3 places on your page:
1) at the very top of your page with just your clear and compelling title
2) within your hero image section of the site viewable above the fold on all but the smallest screens
3) at the bottom of the page after your copy that provides additional content details, benefit statements, credibility statements, etc.

Power Tip 4: Send a confirmation email that affirms their wise decision to register and gives them even more reason to attend!

Power Tip 5: Send plenty of reminders! Now is not the time to feel squeamish about too many emails. Everyone is busy. We all forget things that are important. Don’t let that thing that important thing that gets forgotten be your webinar! We recommend not fewer than 5 reminder emails in this “T minus” email series, where T = the date/time they chose to view your webinar.
Here’s the skinny list:

  1. T – 24 hours – this email reads similarly to your confirmation email. Consider including some unexpected bonus content with this reminder.
  2. T – 8 hours – this email is trimmed down slightly from your confirmation and T – 24 emails. Consider including, “How to prep for today’s webinar,” or similar. If you provide a downloadable PDF workbook for your webinar, introduce it now.
  3. T – 4 hour – this email should focus on what the attendee can be/do/have as a result of their attendance! This email should get them excited!
  4. T – 1 hour – this emails should be short and include a reminder to download any pre-webinar content.
  5. T – 5 minutes – only two pieces of information needed now: the access link and links to any pre-webinar content.

Bonus Power Tip: Don’t be shy! Include a reminder via text message at T – 1 hour and T – 5 minutes.

Power Tip 6: Seed your offer during your introduction. Even if you are selling a webinar system to business owners and marketers (ah hum), who KNOW that there will be an offer will be made, a little heads-up early in your presentation allows your pitch to land softly with reduced resistance. The result is more attendees staying on all the way through your pitch which will help optimize your conversions to the offer.

Power Tip 7: Give them your most valuable information, your “best stuff,” early in the webinar. Don’t waste your attendee’s time with long winded stories about how you got into business, what you’ve accomplished or the cool people you hang out with. Instead move quickly into delivering what your attendee showed up to get!

Power Tip 8: ASK for the sale…clearly and directly! Seems so obvious right? But for many, the simple act of asking for the sale can feel so terrifying that they never come right out and ask their attendee to buy! While the presentation of your offer may include a number of components, it must also include the simple directive to: “Click the button and buy now,” or almost no one will.

Power Tip 9: Be grateful. The only thing more valuable than money is time. After all, you can make more money; you can’t make more time. Gratitude, so long as it’s genuine, is also a powerful motivator for the reciever to do something FOR you in return. So let your audience know that you genuinely appreciate the time they have taken to participate both during your opening and as you close.

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