ConvertMORE Complete

ConvertMORE Complete is our most comprehensive program for helping you get MORE of what you started your small business for and have MORE fun doing it.

This is not another “high-end coaching program” where you can spend thousands and STILL not have what you actually need to move your business forward. Ideas and encouragement are great but they don’t bring in revenue until they’ve been converted to products and services that your market is ready, willing, and eager to buy.

Why get just some of what you need when you can get it all? 

ConvertMORE Complete is also the only program where you’ll work directly with MaryKay, benefiting from her 18 years of experience working with small business owners and entrepreneurs. You’ll receive her proven perspective on your business, including relevant and proven marketing strategies, recommendations for automating pretty much everything you do, optimization of your operations and SOPs, and laser-focused coaching so you can keep your mindset tuned to success (because we ALL need a good coaching sometimes).

And you’ll also get the ConvertMORE team of experts working with you or your team to implement according to our carefully crafted specs.

Complete includes: 

  • Bi-monthly*, 50-minute, strategic consultations with MaryKay, recorded and posted in the client portal. You may include additional team members at your option (Value: $850/month)
  • Implementation & Automation Support (Up to 20 hours/month) with package upgrades available at deep discounts if you need additional hours (Value: $2497/month)
  • Up to a maximum of 5 hours of roll-over hours, month-over-month, then if/when the need for additional development hours is needed, hours are charged at 50% of the current hourly rate.
  • No upcharges for rush, urgent, or emergency needs, including weekends. Time charges for all work completed are “as incurred.”
  • Full project management for our team and yours as required, and documentation of all workflows. All project management time is provided as part of the retainer, and the time required does not count against the Implementation and Support hourly limit. (Value $500+/month)
  • The monthly retainer covers all internal CMC team member communication related to your account. The time required does not count against the Implementation and Support hourly limit.  (Value $500+/month)
  • Inputs and final edits on all marketing copy that is developed or worked on as part of the prescribed workflow + discounts on original copy from our copywriter (Value: $2500+/month)
  • Bonus: Direct access to MaryKay for stuff that just comes up – you know? (Priceless)

*No scheduled sessions during the weeks of major holidays, including New Year’s, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Who’s a fit for Complete?

  • Businesses generating more than $5000/month in revenue IF you have other resources for personal income, OR $7500/month if you are drawing from your business for living expenses.
  • Business owners committed to the time required to make substantive changes. Change, especially positive change, takes time. In most cases, you should expect 6 to 12 months of consistent action across multiple parameters in order to substantially up-level your business.
  • Team players. We approach our work with a team attitude. WE = you + us, and that equation adds up to more than 1 + 1.  As a Complete client, we partner with you in mutual agreement to show up as professionals, be respectful, have fun, and do our best every day. We take responsibility for our decisions, our wins, and our failures, and we expect the same from you as the client.

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