The ConvertMORE Premier Program

ConvertMORE Premier is our most comprehensive program for helping you get MORE of what you started your small business for and have MORE fun doing it!

Not another “high-end coaching program” where you can spend thousands and STILL not have what you need to move your business forward! 

ConvertMORE Premier is also the only program where you’ll work directly with MaryKay, benefiting from her 13 years of experience working with small business owners and entrepreneurs. You’ll receive her proven perspective on your business including relevant and proven marketing strategies, recommendations for automating pretty much everything you do, optimization of your operations and SOP’s, and laser-focused coaching so you can keep your mindset tuned to success (because we ALL need a good coaching sometimes!).

And, you’ll also get the ConvertMORE team of experts working with you or your team to implement according to our carefully crafted specs.

Think you’re a fit for ConvertMORE Premier? Learn more about what the program includes and apply.

Automation Strategy & Implementation

Get our proven strategic input plus automation implementation month over month priced to fit your needs and budget.

If you are a big-idea, out-in-front, thought leader type, like so many entrepreneurs, then you should not be the person doing the automation in your business.

If you LOVE it and can ROI your time pulling elements into campaigns and testing email broadcasts, then by all means, keep doing it, But if you don’t and you can’t, qualified support is at hand!

It will cost you nothing to see if we’re a fit. Explore our package options and schedule a complimentary, 30-minute Automation Review.

Implementation On-Demand, The “Coffee Card” Program

Get implementation and automation support by the hour. This program is our most affordable option for getting the automation implementation and support you need to grow your business faster with less stress.

Discover just how easy and affordable it can be to get the expert support you deserve.

Paid Advertising

Stand out from the crowd. Get started with our cost effective, conversion-focused packages starting as low as $300/month plus ad costs that deliver leads into your marketing funnels and customers direct to your e-commerce offers. All packages include targeted positioning on the Big 3: Google, Facebook and Instagram. Other platforms by request.

ConvertMORE MBA Program

Master the art of accelerated business growth with the ConvertMORE MBA Program! This 3-part, 12-module program includes, in step-by-step detail, our flagship process for converting MORE:

  1. Target Marketing into Lookers
  2. Lookers converting to Leads
  3. Leads to First-time Buyers
  4. First-time Buyers to Repeat Buyers and Raving Fan Customers

Soon to be available as a self-directed, self-paced program or choose to work with one of our coaches with the 90-Day Mentorship upgrade.

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