The MORE Leads sprint focuses on developing your brand so you get noticed. We use the StoryBrand methodology to identify and highlight your USP, your brand’s hero (ideal customer/client), and your core message so that you can attract and secure MORE leads for your pipeline or funnels.

All 90 Days to MORE sprints include live, strategy, and progress sessions and comprehensive project management.

The list below is a framework. Your specific inclusions may vary slightly depending upon your unique needs. 

  • SB7 Framework
  • StoryBrand Brand Script
  • StoryBrand Website Wireframe
  • StoryBrand Lead Gen Page Wireframe
  • Page development to the website wireframe*
  • Development to the lead gen wireframe*
  • CRM/Email Marketing system dev as dictated by the lead gen
  • Current content audit
  • Strategic recommendations with outlines for 3 new content pieces – examples: blogs, vlog/video, or other formats as may be applicable
  • Analytics review and assessment
  • Organic social media brand strategy recommendation session
  • 2 Campaigns for Facebook or Google
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